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General Questions

Yes! BiaBelle Beauty is proudly Vegan friendly with recyclable packaging

The best way to contact us with a query is via our email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Any DMs sent will be redirected to our email.

Shipping is calculated at checkout. UK shipping is 2-3 Business Days with Free shipping when you spend over £40. Check out our Shipping Page for all the latest info. 

If your tracking link isn’t working, try opening the shipping company in a new tab and inputting the tracking number manually.

Yes, please see our international website

Yes, all of our packaging is recyclable and environmentally friendly. This is very important to all of us at BiaBelle Beauty.

Yes, not only is our packaging recyclable but so are our boxes we use for online deliveries along with our recyclable bubble wrap!

Yes, we offer a 25% discount for Professional Makeup artists and 15% for Makeup students. You can email us at for more information. Discount applies to BiaBelle cosmetics.


Yes! Our Tan is 100% Vegan friendly and not tested on animals. It was developed and manufactured in Ireland.

Yes it can, we have seen some incredible results with BiaBelle Tan not only working well with problem skin but actually clearing it up! See our reviews section here to see the results for yourself.

We would always recommend a patch test first & we do not claim our Tan clears or works with problem skin, these are simply some incredible reviews from our amazing customers. 

Yes, however we would always recommend a patch test first

No. The BiaBelle Tanning range does not contain any nuts

Yes our whole Tanning range is Paraben free

You should always store your Tan standing upright and in a cool dry place. Keep out of sunlight 

Yes, we recommend applying 10 minutes after moisturising your face for a more flawless finish

Preparation is EVERYTHING! If you apply Tan to dry skin or skin that has just been exfoliated, the Tan will separate on the skin and can give that "scaley" affect (especially with the darker shades). You need ensure the skin is hydrated, moisturising every day before application, and do not shave or heavily exfoliate the same day as application. Shaving before application will open your pores and this could result in "spots" of Tan on your skin. If you must shave the same day, ensure to run cold water over the area shaved for a few seconds to help close the pores. 

Moisturising is key. Ensuring to moisturise your body at least once or twice a day while wearing the Tan will help greatly with a more even fade and will also prolong the life of the Tan. After day 2 we would recommend to lightly exfoliate every day in the shower to remove dead skin cells and then when you are ready to remove fully you can exfoliate properly. 

Moisturise! We cannot stress this enough, not moisturising in the lead up to application and while wearing the Tan is like driving a car with no wheels!

Yes, we sell our Professional Spray Tan Solution for trade only. If you are interested in stocking our BiaBelle Spray Tan please contact for more info.


Yes, all our makeup is Vegan friendly and not tested on animals. All of our makeup is made in Europe.

All BiaBelle makeup is made in Europe


All of our lashes are faux mink and made from synthetic material.

Cut the outer end of the lash with scissors as much as needed. Never cut the inside of the lash as this can make the lash lose its shape.

Head over to our YouTube channel for the best tips and tricks (BiaBelle Beauty Youtube Channel).

DUO Glue is sold separately,click hereto shop.

Yes, all of our lashes can be reused up to 20 times if treated with care. Head over to our YouTube channel for more helpful information (BiaBelle Beauty Youtube).


BiaBelle is stocked in shops all over Ireland & Northern Ireland.Click here for full list

Please contact for more info

Absolutely, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us ataccounts@biabellebeauty.comfor more information

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